Chapter 1. General Rules

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to set forth the rights, obligations, and duties between the NHN Ticketlink and its users with respect to the customer sign-up process and the use of the services operated by NHN Ticketlink Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “NHN Ticketlink” or the “Company”).

Article 2 (Posting and Modification of Terms and Conditions)

  • 1. NHN Ticketlink shall post the content of these Terms and Conditions, the Company’s trade name, the address where its business place is located, the name of its representative director, business registration numbers, contact information (phone numbers, fax transmitter numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) on the start-up screen of the services or share with users via other methods to ensure that users can easily see the information.
  • 2. NHN Ticketlink may amend the Terms and Conditions to the extent permitted by related legislation including the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, the Framework Act on e-Commerce, the Digital Signature Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., Act on Door-to-Door Sales, etc. and Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
  • 3. In the event that the Company modifies these Terms and Conditions, it shall specify and post on the start-up screen for the services the date of application and the reasons for modification together with the current Terms and Conditions from seven (7) days before the date of application; provided, however, that where these Terms and Conditions are modified unfavorably against the users, the content shall be notified with a prior grace period of at least no less than thirty (30) days.
  • 4. Should NHN Ticketlink amends the Terms and Conditions, the amended terms shall only be applicable to the agreement signed after the effective date and the provisions in existing Terms and Conditions before the amendment shall be applied to the already signed agreements. However, if a user who had already signed an agreement wishes his/her agreement to be applied with the amended Terms the user shall deliver his/her will to the Company within the notification period of the amended Terms and Conditions as stipulated in Section3 and acquire the approval from the Company in order to be applied with the revised provisions.
  • 5. Any matter that is not provided in these Terms and Conditions or any interpretation of this agreement shall follow the Guidelines for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commercial Transactions set forth by the government, and relevant laws or commercial practices.

Article 3 (Definitions)

  • 1. “NHN Ticketlink” refers to the virtual business site set to allow the trade of goods or services through information and communication facilities such as computers in order for NHN Ticketlink Corporation to provide goods and services to its users and it shall also mean the party operating the NHN Ticketlink internet website.
  • 2. “Users” shall refer to members and non-members who have access to the service operated by NHN Ticketlink and receive the services provided by the NHN Ticketlink.
  • 3. "Buyer” means any User who shows his/her intent to purchase product or services in accordance with the online forms provided by the Company.
  • 4. “Member” shall mean a person who falls under any of below items.
    • (1) “Paid Members” shall refer to persons who have provided their personal information to the NHN PAYCO which is the company that shares the Member information with NHN Ticketlink and registered their membership for the Services, and who can be continuously provided with information of the Services upon paying the annual fee and continue to use the Services provided by the Company.
    • (2) “General Members” shall mean those who has signed up as a member upon providing their personal information to NHN PAYCO which is the company that shares the Member information with NHN Ticketlink, and who can be continuously provided with information of the Services without paying the annual fee and continue to use the Services provided by the Company.
    • (3) “Partner Members” shall mean the members of the partnering company which has established partnership with NHN Ticketlink and provided the minimum information (name, address, phone number) of its members required for ticket reservation to NHN Ticketlink to allow its members to use the Services of NHN Ticketlink. The Partner Member credit card and other membership card can be issued to those who have agreed in prior via phone call or mail to be issued with the partner card when partnering with credit card, shopping mall and insurance company. The standard for issuance shall follow the issuance review criteria of both NHN Ticketlink and the partnering company.
  • 5. “Non-members” shall mean those using the service provided by NHN Ticketlink without signing up as a member.
  • 6. “PAYCO Members” shall mean those approved by NHN PAYCO after agreeing to the PAYCO Membership Terms of Use of NHN PAYCO and applied for the service use.
  • 7. “ID” means email address or mobile numbers chosen by a user, granted by “NHN PAYCO ’ which is the company that shares the member information with NHN Ticketlink, for purposes of identification and use of the Services.
  • 8. “Password” means a combination of letters and numbers chosen by a User to verify the User’s identity and protect the Member’s rights, interests and confidential information.
  • 9. "Admin” is the person selected by NHN Ticketlink for an overall management and seamless operation of NHN Ticketlink services.
  • 10. “Unsubscribe” means to terminate the use of the Service after User signs up to NHN Ticketlink Service.

Chapter 2 Service Use Agreement

Article 4 (Application for Use)

  • 1. A User shall apply for membership subscription by giving his or her manifestation of intention to consent to these Terms and Conditions after entering the membership information according to the subscription form prescribed by NHN Ticketlink.
  • 2. NHN Ticketlink shall register Users who have applied for membership subscription under Section 1 unless a User falls under each of the following items:
    • (1) In the event that a subscription applicant has ever lost his or her prior membership qualifications under Article 9 Section 3 in Chapter 3 of these Terms and Conditions provided, however, that exceptions shall be made where three (3) years has lapsed after a user has lost his or her membership qualifications under Article 9 Section 3 in Chapter 3 and the user has obtained approval of re-subscription from NHN Ticketlink.);
    • (2) When the User is not a PAYCO member;
    • (3) In the event that there are false information, omitted information, or mistaken entries in the registered matters; or
    • (4) In the event that a User’s membership registration is found to seriously affect NHN Ticketlink’s technologies.
  • 3. An agreement for membership subscription shall be formed at the time when approval by NHN Ticketlink arrives at a User.
  • 4. In the event that there is a change in the registered matters, according to Section 1 Article 10 in Chapter 4, provided to the Company, the Member shall forthwith notify NHN Ticketlink of the change(s) by e-mail or in any other way.
  • 5. According to the related legislation, users under the age of 14 may use the service only after going through an additional agreement process by one’s legal representative aside from completing the subscription form set by NHN Ticketlink.

Article 5 (Conclusion of the Service Use Agreement)

  • 1. The Service Use Agreement is concluded by the approval of NHN Ticketlink after a User signs up as PAYCO member, consents to the Terms and application for use and applies for subscription.
  • 2. In any of the following cases, NHN Ticketlink may not approve the User’s application for use:
    • (1) When the capacity of the service-related equipment is insufficient
    • (2) When there are technical errors
    • (3) If the application is made with a third party’s identity
    • (4) If the application is made by non-PAYCO member
    • (5) If the User had submitted false information during one’s application for service use
    • (6) If a user whose age is below 14 has failed to acquire the approval from his/her legal representative including parents
    • (7) If the application is submitted with the purpose of disturbing the peace in society or beautiful and fine customs
    • (8) If the User failed to meet the criteria for application set forth by NHN Ticketlink.

Article 6 (Memberships and Annual Dues)

  • 1.The Members are classified into Paid Member, General Member and Partner Member. (1) General Members refer to those who do not pay annual fee. (2) Paid Members refer to those who pay annual fee and are eligible for receiving various benefits provided by NHN Ticketlink.(3) Partner Members refer to the members of the company that has entered into partnership with NHN Ticketlink and the services that the Partner Members receive are flexible depending on the agreement conditions.
  • 2. The annual fee can be paid via payment method designated by NHN Ticketlink.
  • 3. The refund of annual fee is available only within the period (within seven (7) days including the day when the fee was paid) set by NHN Ticketlink. (However, if there is any reservation made with Paid Member status upon signing up as the Paid Member, the refund will not be available.)However, as for certain partnering products, the refund will not be available even though it had not been used upon purchase according to the policy set by partnering company.
  • 4. The amount and change of annual fee shall follow the membership policy of NHN Ticketlink.

Article 7 (Period of Membership)

  • 1. The membership period for General Member shall be from the time when the Service Use Agreement is concluded until the termination of agreement from the User’s will.
  • 2. The membership period of Paid Member is for one (1) year from the submission of annual dues and the extension of said period shall be completed through paying the annual fee in the method stipulated in Section 2 Article 6 in Chapter 2. Failing to extend the membership period shall automatically change the membership status from Paid Member to General Member.

Article 8 (Change of Agreement Conditions)

  • 1. If there is any change made to the information submitted during Member’s application for use, he/she shall modify the information online.
  • 2. Any loss inflicted from failing to abide by the provision in above section shall not be covered by NHN Ticketlink.

Chapter 3 Termination of Agreement and Restriction on Service Use

Article 9 (Withdrawal from Membership and Disqualifications)

  • 1. Members may at any time request NHN Ticketlink of their withdrawal from membership, and NHN Ticketlink shall forthwith handle the withdrawals from membership according to the provision on membership withdrawal.
  • 2. In the event that a Member falls under each of the following reasons, NHN Ticketlink may restrict or discontinue his or her membership qualifications:
    • (1) In the event that a Member has registered false information at the time of applying for membership;
    • (2) In the event that a Member has not paid amounts for goods and services, etc. purchased by use of the online website of NHN Ticketlink or any other liabilities payable by the Member with respect to use of NHN Ticketlink;
    • (3) In the event that a Member threatens the order of electronic commercial transactions by obstructing third parties’ uses of NHN Ticketlink or misappropriating the information; or
    • (4) In the event that a Member engages in activities that are prohibited under the laws or these Terms and Conditions, or are against the public orders and good morals by using NHN Ticketlink; or
  • 3. In the event that after the Company has restricted or suspended the membership qualifications for a Member, the Member repeats the same activity no less than twice or the reason is not corrected within thirty (30) days, the Company may forfeit the membership.
  • 4. In the event that the Company has forfeited the membership qualifications, it shall cancel the membership registration. In this case, the Company shall notify the Member thereof and provide an opportunity to explain away before cancellation of the membership registration.
  • 5. The refund of annual fee from withdrawal of Paid Membership shall be done according to a process stipulated in Section 3 Article 6.

Chapter 4 Duties of Agreement Parties

Article 10 (Protection of Personal Information)

  • 1. NHN Ticketlink shall collect the minimum information required to perform a purchase agreement in collecting information of Users in accordance with related legislation including Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. as well as Privacy Policy and shall not use the collected personal information beyond the initial purpose without acquiring the consent from the User or provide to a third party.
  • 2. NHN Ticketlink shall designate and operate a minimum number of Admins for the protection of personal information and shall not be liable for any loss inflicted upon its Users from loss, theft and leakage of such personal information, including the credit card and bank account, arisen from the reason attributable to the Users.
  • 3. NHN Ticketlink shall post its Privacy Policy regarding the protection and management of the Users’ information on its webpage for the Users to clearly understand.

Article 11 (Duties of NHN Ticketlink)

  • 1. NHN Ticketlink shall not engage in any activity that is prohibited under the laws or these Terms and Conditions or against the public orders and good morals, and shall use its best efforts to provide the goods or services continuously and securely as set forth under these Terms and Conditions.
  • 2. NHN Ticketlink shall have a security system for personal information protection for users (including credit information) to ensure that users can safely use the internet services.
  • 3. " In the event that NHN Ticketlink has caused damages to users by its engaging in unreasonable labeling or advertising activities prescribed in Article 3 of [the Fair Labeling and Advertisement Act] with respect to its goods or services, it shall compensate for the damages.
  • 4. NHN Ticketlink shall not send advertising e-mails for profitable purposes unwanted by users.

Article 12 (Duties of Members for IDs and Passwords)

  • 1. Members shall have the obligation to have their IDs and passwords under control except for the case stipulated in Section 3, Article 10 in Chapter 4 and any civil and criminal responsibility arising out of one’s negligence to do so shall vest in the Member him/herself.
  • 2. Members shall not cause a third party to use their own IDs or passwords.
  • 3. In the event that a Member has been aware that his or her ID or password has been stolen or is being used by a third party, the Member shall forthwith notify NHN Ticketlink thereof, and follow the directions of NHN Ticketlink, if any.

Article 13 (Duties of Members and Users)

  • 1. Users should abide by the related legislation, provisions in these Terms and Conditions, use guidelines and public notifications by NHN Ticketlink and shall not implement activities harming the company’s business.
  • 2. Users shall not engage in the following activities with regards to the Service use;
    • (1) To register false information at the time of applying for or changing the content of membership;
    • (2) To change information posted in NHN Ticketlink without acquiring permission;
    • (3) To transmit or post information other than the information set forth by NHN Ticketlink (including computer software);
    • (4) To infringe upon intellectual properties, including NHN Ticketlink, any other third party’s copyrights;
    • (5) To undermine the reputation of or obstruct businesses of NHN Ticketlink or third parties; or To disclose or post on NHN Ticketlink obscene or violent messages, videos, voices, and any other information that is against the public orders and good morals.
    • (6) Other activities requested correction by Korea Internet Safety Commission

Article 14 (Formation of Agreement)

  • 1. NHN Ticketlink may accept an application for purchase in Article 16 in Chapter 5 unless it falls under any of the following items:
    • (1) In the event that the registrations have false, omitted, or mistaken information;
    • (2) In the event that a minor purchases goods or services prohibited under the Juvenile Protection Act; or
    • (3) In the event that the Company’s acceptance of a purchase order is found to seriously affect the Company’s technologies.
  • 2. A purchase application in above section shall be deemed formed at the time when acceptance by the Company arrives at a User in the notification form of receipt confirmation in Article 27 Chapter 7.

Chapter 5 Regulations on Payment

Article 15 (Available Payment Methods)

The payment methods for the goods or services purchased through NHN Ticketlink shall be as described in each of the following items.

  • (1) Deposit without bankbook;
  • (2) Credit card;
  • (3) Account transfers;
  • (4) Advance ticket;
  • (5) Mobile phone payment;
  • (6) Gift voucher;
  • (7) Other payment means found acceptable by NHN Ticketlink

Article 16 (Application for Purchase)

Users shall apply for purchase in the manner prescribed in NHN Ticketlink.

  • (1) ‘Account login’ for Members and enter minimum information (name, mobile phone numbers, date of birth (on the resident registration card))’ for purchase and identification;
  • (2) Select the goods or services;
  • (3) Select payment method
  • (4) Agree to the Terms (ex. Clicking mouse)

Chapter 6 Service Use

Article 17 (Provision of Information)

NHN Ticketlink may provide to a Member various information that it deems necessary for the Member’s use of Services via mail or email, etc.

Article 18 (Member’s Posting)

NHN Ticketlink may, without prior notice, remove any service contents posted or registered by a Member in the following cases:

  • (1) If such contents slander or damage reputation of other Members or any third parties
  • (2) If such contents are against public order and traditional custom
  • (3) If such contents are deemed to be related to any criminal act.
  • (4) If such contents infringe any rights of the Company or any third parties such as copyrights
  • (5) If such contents have been posted beyond the period set by the Company
  • (6) If the Member posts obscene materials on the NHN Ticketlink sites or boards or links to such materials
  • (7) If such contents are deemed to violate related legislation

Article 19 (Copyrights of the Posting)

  • 1.The rights and responsibilities to the postings shall vest in the person who had uploaded the contents and NHN Ticketlink shall not use said material for profit making purposes other than posting in the website without acquiring the consent from the writer. However, in case the purpose is non-profit, it shall be considered exception and NHN Ticketlink shall hold the right to post in website.
  • 2. The Member shall not commercially use the material uploaded in the Services such as processing or selling the said information.

Article 20 (Service Time)

  • 1. In principle, the Services shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year unless it is interrupted by technical issues or other matters of NHN Ticketlink, however, excluding any times or days designated by Company such as any shutdown period necessary for routine maintenance of the Services.
  • 2. NHN Ticketlink may divide the Services into parts and set separate Service times for each part of the Services, which shall be announced in advance.

Article 21 (Responsibilities for Service Use)

Members shall not engage in business activities, selling goods using service, unless concretely permitted in a written form signed by the party having the authority granted by NHN Ticketlink and he/she may not permit commercial activity or illegally distribute commercial software through hacking, profit-generating ads and obscene website. Any legal sanctions posed on the violator including imprisonment by related organization as well as result of the business activity and loss arisen from violating such provision shall not be covered by NHN Ticketlink.

Article 22 (Suspension of Provision of the Services)

  • 1. NHN Ticketlink may suspend the provision of the Services if any of the following cases occur.
  • (1) If the suspension is inevitable from reasons including repairing the facility for service;
  • (2) If the key telecommunications business operator stipulated in Telecommunications Business Act has suspended the telecommunications service;
  • (3) If the reason is due to an act of God or a force majeure event.
  • 2. NHN Ticketlink may limit or suspend all or part of the Service if the use of normal service is hampered from reasons including state of national emergency, power failure, error in service facility or surge in traffic to the Service.

Article 23 (Notifications for Members)

  • 1. In the event that the NHN Ticketlink gives a notice to Members, it may do so with the e-mail addresses provided to NHN Ticketlink by the Members.
  • 2. In the event that NHN Ticketlink gives a notice to unspecified and many users, it may replace individual notifications with posting the notifications on the website for no less than one (1) week.

Chapter 7 Reservation Service, Delivery, Cancellation and Refund

Article 24 (Offer of Reservation Services

NHN Ticketlink provides the reservation Services for shows, exhibitions, sports, leisure, events, etc., via phone, internet and reservation sites, and availability of such Services depends on the type of reservation Services selected by the User, payment methods, and delivery methods, which shall be governed by the Terms of Use in NHN Ticketlink’s webpage site.

Article 25 (Reservation Fees)

  • 1. NHN Ticketlink charges reservation fees for using the reservation Services that NHN Ticketlink offers. For the reservation of shows, exhibitions, sports, leisure activities and events, different fees are charged depending on the membership classes (General/Paid Member) and the reservation methods (internet/call center). The Company’s policy for the reservation fees may be amended after the notice to the Members pursuant to Article 23.
  • 2. Unless otherwise provided per each event, notwithstanding the cancellation pursuant to Article 29, the reservation fees are non-refundable except for the day of reservation.

Article 26 (Delivery of Tickets)

  • 1. With regard to the products purchased by the User, NHN Ticketlink indicates the delivery methods, a party responsible for the delivery fees per each delivery method, and the delivery period per each delivery method, etc. If it is delivered beyond said delivery period for reasons attributable to the Company’s negligence or intentional act, the Company shall indemnify the Users harmless from any damages incurred therefrom.
  • 2. The delivery period is set as follows: the products are dispatched the day after the payment for the products are made (for credit card and deposit online, the day after the confirmation of such payment) and a standard arrival date of ten (10) days therefrom (including delivery to regional areas) applies. However, for some purchased goods, a separate delivery principle may be applied such as collective delivery on a specific day.
  • 3. The delivery situation is subject to change on Saturday, holidays and the delivery process and shall follow the guidelines stipulated on NHN Ticketlink’s webpage. The delivery fee for the ticket shall be borne by the User and such fee shall be set according to the criteria defined by NHN Ticketlink based on the management and personnel expenses.
  • 4. The Buyer may cancel his/her purchase before it is set out for delivery and if the item is being delivered, he/she shall follow the return process of NHN Ticketlink.

Article 27 (Notice of Receipt Confirmation, Cancellation of Purchase Request)

  • 1. In the event of the purchase request made by the User, the Company shall notify the User of a receipt confirmation.
  • 2. Where there is no meeting of the minds, the User notified of such receipt confirmation may, immediately upon receipt thereof, may request cancellation of the purchase request.
  • 3. Upon the User’s request for the cancellation of the purchase request before delivery of the products, the Company shall comply with such request without delay.

Article 28 (Refund, Return and Exchange)

  • 1. If the Company finds that it is unable to provide the products or the services ordered by the User because such products are out of stock or the services are unavailable, it shall notify the User of the reasons therefor without delay. If any advance payment for such products or services has been made, such payment shall be refunded or any procedure required for such refund shall be taken within the Company’s three (3) business days.
  • 2. NHN Ticketlink shall refund, return or exchange the product delivered upon the User’s request within one (1) business days upon receiving the item sold, even though the item has already been delivered, in any of the following cases:
    • (1) If the delivered items are different from the order made or the information NHN Ticketlink provided
    • (2) If the delivered products are destroyed, damaged or contaminated
    • (3) If the items arrived later than the delivery period stipulated in the advertisement
    • (4) If the User had made the reservation for a concerned item without the matters that need to be displayed in the ads being inserted according to Article 18 in the Door to Door Selling Act

Article 29 (Cancellation or Refund of Reserved Tickets)

  • 1. The Buyer may cancel or refund tickets reserved prior to the cancellation deadline for shows/sales.
  • 2. The standard for sales/cancellation deadlines shall follow the contents stipulated in ‘Getting Started’ section in NHN Ticketlink website.
  • 3. The sale and cancellation deadlines in the preceding Section are subject to change according to the circumstances of event hosts.
  • 4. The Buyer may cancel the reserved tickets only through the reservation channel he/she had used for the reservation.
  • 5. The Company charges cancellation fees when cancelling the reserved tickets for shows, exhibitions, sports, leisure activities and events and the Company’s policy for the cancellation fees may be amended after notice to the Users pursuant to Article 23. If the User had opted for deposit without bankbook, a minimal amount of remittance charge could be deducted.
  • 6. If the tickets for show, exhibition and sports activities are cancelled within seven (7) days from the date of the reservation, the Company shall not charge any cancellation fees in accordance with relevant laws. However, if the cancellation is made within ten (10) days from the show day, the provision defined in Section 10, Article 37 shall prevail.
  • 7. In the event of the cancellation for the period other than one provided in Section 6, the relevant cancellation fees to be deducted are fixed depending on each product and service, and the cancellation fee policy is subject to change after prior notice thereof given according to the Article 23; provided, however, that unless otherwise provided, the standards below apply.
  • 8. Notwithstanding Section 6, if the cancellation time corresponds to the time set by consumer dispute resolution standards, the remedies pursuant to consumer dispute resolution standards apply.
  • 9. If any cancellation occurs no less than ten (10) days prior to events concerned, the following cancellation fees are charged:
    • - The tickets for events such as musicals, concerts, classical concerts, etc.: 4,000 KRW
    • - The entrance tickets for play, exhibitions, etc.: 2,000 KRW
    • - Such cancellation fee shall not exceed 10% of the purchase price
  • 10. If any cancellation occurs no less than ten (10) days prior to show/exhibition concerned, the following cancellation fees are charged
    • - Seven (7) days before the show : 10% of the ticket price
    • - Three (3) days before the show: 20% of the ticket price
    • - One (1) days before the show: 30% of the ticket price (applicable only until the time available for the reservation cancellation on web)
  • 11. Any matters on refund, return and exchange that have not been defined in these Terms and NHN Ticketlink website as well as application of cancellation fee for certain shows shall follow the provision defined in the Consumer Injury Compensation Rule.

Article 30 (Cancellation by Payment Methods)

  • 1. Payment by Credit Card
    • (1) If the User requests for the cancellation of the reserved ticket(s), his/her reservation will be cancelled upon deducting the cancellation fee imposed depending on the time of the cancellation.
    • (2) The method and day of refund for the cancelled amount shall depend upon the time of cancellation and standard established for refund by each concerned card company and the refund policy of the card used shall follow the policy of the concerned credit card. If your reservation status indicates ‘cancellation upon deposit’ or ‘refund all’ upon cancellation, it shall mean that NHN Ticketlink has normally cancelled the reservation without fail.
  • 2. Payment by account transfer

    (1) Upon the reservation cancellation request of the User, the Company deposits applicable refund after deduction of the cancellation fees and remittance fees to the User’s refund bank accounts held by an account holder designated by a customer on the following day (business day) that comes after the cancellation request day.

  • 3. Payment by deposit without bankbook

    (1) In case the User requests for a cancellation of reservation, NHN Ticketlink shall deposit the amount that the User had entered and authorized to the User’s bank account after deducting the cancellation and remittance fee.

  • 4. Payment with micropayment using mobile phone

    (1) Pursuant to the policy of the mobile service carrier responsible for the mobile phone micropayment, the Company shall cancel the reservation should the User requests for a cancellation for a ticket that will be claimed for payment in this month; however if the user requests for a cancellation in the month that follows the payment month, the Company shall deposit the amount to the refund account entered and authorized by the User that is created under the name of the booker him/herself.In this case, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund amount (the actual fee will depend upon the mobile phone payment fee and the time of cancellation).

Article 31 (Cancellation by Ticket Delivery Method)

  • 1. Booker who chose mail delivery
    • (1) He/she may directly cancel via internet or call center on the day of reservation.
    • (2) If the reserved ticket has already been delivered, the User may submit for return request according to the refund policy set forth by NHN Ticketlink.
    • (3) Even though the ticket has been delivered, the User may cancel the reservation only if he/she had successfully returned the ticket to NHN Ticketlink by the closing of the show/event. The User may proceed with the return process, for the partial cancellation, only when returning the desired ticket for cancellation.
    • (4) The User must identify his/her contact information, reason for return and bank account information opened under the name of the concerned User, only if he/she had paid for the tickets via deposit without bankbook, where the User will receive the refunded amount when submitting for ticket return and enclose with the ticket to cancel.
    • (5) The ticket you have received is marketable securities just like cash or gift voucher. Please note that cancellation and change of reservation shall be unavailable if you have lost or damaged the ticket received.
  • 2. Booker who chose receipt on the site
    • (1) The User may directly cancel the ticket via internet on the day of reservation.
    • (2) The ticket will be available for cancellation by the cancellation deadline of the reserved ticket, however the cancellation fee pursuant to Article 29 shall be imposed.
    • (3) There are some items that do not allow partial cancellation and cancellation fee shall be imposed for the cancelled ticket even for the partial cancellation.

Article 32 (Regulation on Fictitious Purchase)

  • 1. NHN Ticketlink shall apply the restriction regulations on the following fictitious purchases:
    • (1) The Company deems it abusive use of the Services if, as for performance, the User who had cancelled more than fifty (50) tickets within one (1) month cancelled another reservation for the second time regardless of the number of tickets and attempts to reserve for the third time, and if the reservation of the User is cancelled from his/her failure to fulfill the wire deposit more than five (5) times for the same event and exhibition, thus may limit the User’s payment method to deposit online only.
    • (2) If the User is cancelled with his/her reservation for the sports event from failing to complete the deposit without bankbook more than thirty (30) 30 times a year for users, the Company may limit the User’s payment method to deposit online only.
  • 2. Notwithstanding the Section 6 Article 29, if a specific User for a Specific goods uses the reservation Services abusively on purpose or the Company deems it as such: for example, within the last three (3) months, such User (i) reserved no less than sixty (60) tickets and cancelled them all, or (ii) reserved and cancelled no less than twice, the Company may restrict such User’s reservation of the entrance ticket for the show concerned or every shows for no less than one (1) month to protect bona fide Users. However, such User shall be given an opportunity to be heard for no less than one day immediately thereafter and if such User submits a reasonable explanation with the said period, such restriction may be lifted.
  • 3. If the User causes damages to the Company or other Users by repeatedly making reservations and cancellations for dishonest purposes, the Company may restrict, suspend or terminate the membership of such User pursuant to Article 9.

Chapter 8. Others

Article 33 (The Relationship between Connecting “Mall” and Connected “Mall”)

  • 1. In the event that the upper “Mall” and the lower “Mall” are connected by hyperlink, etc. the former shall be referred to as the connecting “Mall” whereas the latter shall be referred to as the connected “Mall.”
  • 2. Where the fact that the Company shall not be responsible for providing guarantees for transactions made with users by the goods or services independently provided by the connecting “Mall” and the connected “Mall,” is specified on the website of the of the connecting “Mall,” it shall not be responsible for providing guarantees for the transactions

Article 34 (Reversion of Copyrights, Use Restrictions)

  • 1. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the works prepared by the Company shall revert to the Company.
  • 2. Without the prior permission of the Company, users shall not duplicate, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, use by other means for profitable purposes, or cause a third party to use any information acquired in using NHN Ticketlink.

Article 35 (Dispute Resolution)

  • 1. The Company shall establish and operate a damages compensation department to ensure that it reflects reasonable opinions or complaints raised by users and compensate for the damages.
  • 2. The Company shall first handle complaints or opinions given by a user; provided, however, that where it is difficult to handle them promptly, the Company shall forthwith notify the user of the reasons and action schedules.
  • 3. The disputes incurred between the Company and the Users are subject to settlements rendered by the Korea Fair Trade Commission established according to the Framework Act on Electronic.

Article 36 (Jurisdiction and Governing Laws)

  • 1. Any lawsuit arising from dispute on electronic commerce between NHN Ticketlink and its Users shall be submitted to the competent court in the code of civil procedure.
  • 2. Any lawsuit for electronic commercial transactions brought between the Company and users shall be governed by the Korean laws.

Article 37. (Disclaimer)

  • 1. NHN Ticketlink is exempt from the responsibilities to provide Services if it is incapable of doing so due to natural disasters or other uncontrollable events.
  • 2. The Company shall not be liable for any disruption or other interruption in the use of the Services that has arisen for a reason attributable to the User.
  • 3. NHN Ticketlink shall not be responsible for the loss of the profit that the User expects from using the Service and the damage the User experiences from the material he/she had acquired through the Service.
  • 4. NHN Ticketlink is not responsible for the contents, including the reliability, accuracy and etc., of the information, material and fact the Member has uploaded.
  • 5. The Member shall be liable for the contents of the mail he/she has sent and the Company shall in no event be liable for such contents.

    information to another.

Article 38 (Jurisdiction)

Any lawsuit shall, if brought in connection with a dispute arising out of this Service, be submitted to the competent court having jurisdiction over the place where the head office of NHN Ticketlink is located.


  • 1. These Terms and Conditions shall become effective as of April 10, 2017.
  • 2. Previous Terms and Conditions shall be replaced with these Terms and Conditions as of July 1, 2010.
  • 3. Previous Terms and Conditions shall be replaced with these Terms and Conditions as of September 1, 2011.
  • 4. Previous Terms and Conditions shall be replaced with these Terms and Conditions as of February 23, 2013.
  • 5. Previous Terms and Conditions shall be replaced with these Terms and Conditions as of January 28, 2014.
  • 6. Previous Terms and Conditions shall be replaced with these Terms and Conditions as of September 2, 2014.
  • 7. Previous Terms and Conditions shall be replaced with these Terms and Conditions as of December 1, 2014.
  • 8. Previous Terms and Conditions shall be replaced with these Terms and Conditions as of March 16, 2015.