[NHN Ticketlink Privacy Policy]

1. Collected Personal Information

NHN Ticketlink collects the following personal information to provide various services to its users.

  • . As the Company provides the service using PAYCO membership system, it receives the following personal information from PAYCO.

    - ID, payment record

  • . The Company may additionally collect the following information during service use.

    PAYCO Member: [Required] Name, date of birth [Optional] Mobile phone number, [Delivery] Address

  • . The following information may be automatically created and collected during service use.

    - IP Addresses, cookies, dates and times of logins, logs of service usage, logs of usage errors, device information when using mobile services (device model, mobile carrier information, hardware ID, Advertising ID, basic statistics about service usage), information on applications installed in the User's device (including time of installation and run time), payment records, and User’s location information provided that the User has consented to the Terms of the Location Based Service

  • . Personal information collection method

    - The Company collects the personal information using 'cookie’ or through logs, delivery request, reservation/paid service, event participation, counseling request (phone, email, bulletin board, etc.) or acquires from partnering company.

2. Personal Information Collection and Purpose for Use

NHN Ticketlink uses the collected personal information for the following purposes:

  • - Service Implementation

    Implementing the agreement on service provision, settling the payment for service, providing contents, purchase and payment, delivery of products and billing address, verification of identity during financial transaction, financial service and collection of payment

  • - Management of Users

    Personal identification for service use, identification, restricting abusive/unauthorized use of delinquent users, confirm intention of use, restricting number of uses, handling customer services, including complaints, delivering notifications and confirming the intention to unsubscribe.

3. Retention and Use Period of the Collected Personal Information

User’s personal information is, in principle, discarded immediately after the purpose of its collection and use has been achieved.
However, personal information, including ID, is kept for 3 days to prevent personal information theft and misuse. the following information can be stored over the duration for the reason stated below.

  • Stored Information: Records on delinquent use
    Reason for Retention: To prevent abusive use
    Duration of Retention: One (1) year

In case the information needs to be stored according to regulations in related laws, NHN Ticket link stores its members’ information for the period of time as defined in the related legislation.

  • Stored Information: Records of subscription or withdrawal from subscription
    Reason for Retention: The Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic
    Commerce Transactions, Etc.
    Duration of Retention: Five (5) years
  • Stored Information: Records of supplying, such as goods and payment settlements
    Reason for Retention: The Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic
    Commerce Transactions, Etc.
    Duration of Retention: Five (5) years
  • Stored Information: Records on processing of customer disputes and complaints
    Reason for Retention: The Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic
    Commerce Transactions, Etc.
    Duration of Retention: Three (3) years
  • Stored Information: History of website visits
    Reason for Retention: The Communications Secrecy Protection Act
    Duration of Retention : 3 months

4. Procedure and Methods of Personal Information Destruction

  • . Destruction procedure

    Information that a user inserts when subscribing to a service is relocated to a separate database (a separate file for paper documents) after the purpose of its use has been achieved. The information is stored for a time as specified by the internal principle and other related legislation for a reason of information protection (refer to “Retention and Use Term”) before being deleted.The personal information stated above is not used for other purposes, unless required by law.

  • . Destruction method
    • - Personal information stored in electronic files is deleted using technical methods that prevent its restoration
    • - Personal information printed on paper is destroyed with a paper shredder or incinerator.

5. Withdrawal of Consent (service withdrawal) to Collection·Use·Provision of Personal Information

The Member may withdraw one’s consent to the collection, use and provision of his/her personal information at any time

The withdrawal of consent (member withdrawal) shall take necessary measures such as destroying personal information by applying for withdrawal through the member withdrawal menu of the service or contacting the person in charge of personal information protection.

However, if PAYCO member wishes to withdraw the membership, he/she must request for the withdrawal in PAYCO webpage.

6. Entrusting the Personal Information

NHN Ticketlink entrusts the following personal information to external specialized company for a seamless service operation.

The Company continuously manages and supervises the assignees to ensure their secure handling of personal information entrusted, and immediately upon expiration of such assignment, have the personal information retained by the assignees to be destroyed. (If separate retention period required by relevant laws, the Company stores the personal information safely to comply with such laws.)

Entrusted Task
Entrusted Company
Development and operation of services and systems, Consultation and support of customer, Delivery of event prizes, Kakao Notification Talk Shipping agency
NHN Corporation
Customer consultation
(Subcontractor of NHN Corp)
On-site operation such as ticket office and consignment of personnel
Payment services such as credit card, cash payment, and settlement payment required for ticket purchase
Membership and adequacy verification
Payment services such as credit card, cash payment, and settlement payment required for ticket purchase
CJ korea express Corp.
SMS sending
LG Uplus Corp.

Any change to such assignees or the contents entrusted shall be disclosed without delay in accordance with this Privacy Protection Policy.

7. Provision of the Personal Information to a 3rd Party

The Company uses personal information within the scope notified in Collection/Use of Personal Information, and shall not use such information beyond the purpose of collection or provide it to any third parties without prior consent from customers.

To provide various information to the Members and to improve the service quality, NHN Ticketlink may provide or share its Members’ personal information with a third party only upon acquiring the prior consent from concerned Members. In this case, NHN Ticketlink notifies to each Member individually who will be provided or shared with the information, what is the information receiver’s main business, what are the items of personal information provided or shared, what is the purpose of provision or sharing before asking for a consent from the Members. Even when the Member does not agree to sharing the information to a third party when signing up to the service or while using the service as a Member, there will be no limitation to the membership subscription or maintaining his/her membership.

However, the said information can be shared/ provided with a third party without acquiring the prior consent from the Member when such sharing is based on the provision in law, requested by an investigative agency, through procedures and methods defined by law, for investigative purposes or when the information is provided to a partner company in a form that does not enable identification of a specific person for providing customized advertisement service.

Party shared with the information
Provided information
Purpose of use
Period of use
Partner company that operates the product that the user purchases
Company list
Order/delivery information, name, date of birth, ID, mobile phone number, email address
Issuance of ticket on site, manage the history of reservation service and for ticket reservation
Until fulfilling the purpose of using personal information. However, if the information needs to be stored according to the provision set forth in related legislation or when prior consent has been acquired regarding the storage of information, the said information will be stored until relevant time.

8. Rights of Users and Methods of Exercising Those Rights

The user can view and modify his/her registered personal information at any time and request for a subscription cancellation (withdrawal).

Click ‘Update Personal Information’ (or ‘Update Member’s Information’) to view or modify personal information of the user; to withdraw his/her membership, the user must click “Cancel Membership” (“Withdraw Consent”) and directly view, modify information and cancel his/her membership. Or the user may contact the chief privacy officer via written document, phone or email, and immediate measures will be enforced.

If a user requests for correction of his/her personal information, the user cannot use or access his/her information until the correction is completed. If a user’s incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third party, the corrections made will be notified immediately to the third party, so that necessary corrections are made.

NHN Ticketlink processes personal information that has been terminated or deleted at the user’s request according to the terms and conditions described in “Retention and Use Period of the Collected Personal Information”, and imposes necessary measures to prevent the information from being viewed or used for other purposes.

9. Installation, Operation and Refusal of Cookie

NHN Ticketlink uses cookies that frequently save and find your information. A cookie is a very small text file that is sent from the server that is used to operate the NHN Ticketlink’s website to the user’s browser, and is saved in the hard disk of your computer. NHN Ticketlink uses the cookie for the following purposes:

  • ▶ Purpose of use (cookie)

    The company uses cookies to analyze how frequently the Members/ non-Members accesses the service, the visiting time, identify the user’s preference and area of interest and track traces as well as to provide targeted marketing or customized services by analyzing the frequency of event participation and accesses.

    The user has the right to consent or refuse the cookie installation. The user can use the option setting in the web browser to either allow all cookies, check every time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies.

  • ▶ How to refuse cookie

    Ex. In order to refuse the cookies, you can use the option setting in the web browser to either allow all cookies, check every time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies.

    How to set (for IE)
    : ‘Tools > Internet Option > Privacy’ on top of web browser

    However, if you decide not to save the cookies, you might not be able to login to the services or have difficulties using services since booking tickets would be unavailable.

10. Online Customized Advertising Service Guide

The advertising business allows the usage of behavioral information for online customized advertising purposes

  • 1) Advertising provider that handles behavioral information: NHN ACE
  • 2) Method of collecting behavioral information: Automatic collection when users visit a site or run an app

11. Technical and administrative measures for personal information protection

The following technical and administrative measures are being taken to ensure safety to prevent personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, tampered with or corrupted in the handling of users' personal information.

  • ▶ Encrypting passwords

    - The password of the member's email address (ID) is encrypted, stored and managed, and personal information can be checked and changed only by the person who knows the password.

  • ▶ Preparing for hacking

    - We are doing our best to prevent personal information from being leaked or corrupted by hacking or computer viruses. In case of personal information corruption, data is being backed up frequently, and the latest vaccine programs are used to prevent leakage or damage of personal information of users, and encryption communication is used to ensure safe transmission of personal information on the network.
    We use the intrusion prevention system to control unauthorized access from outside, and we strive to have all possible technical devices for security in other systems.

  • ▶ Minimize processing staff and train

    - The staff for processing personal information is limited to the person in charge, regularly updating the company by giving a separate password, and emphasizing compliance with the company's privacy policy through training sessions.

  • ▶ Operation of the Privacy Statement

    - In-house privacy statement agencies, etc., we check the compliance of the company's privacy policy and the personnel's compliance to the company's privacy policy, and strive to correct and correct problems immediately if found. However, any problems caused by personal information leakage such as ID, password or resident registration number due to negligence of the user or problems on the Internet are not liable.

12. Linked Websites

  • 1. NHN Ticketlink can provide the website or the link to the material of its affiliates or other NHN Ticketlink’s website through NHN Ticketlink webpage. In this case, NHN Ticketlink does not hold any responsibilities to the utility of services or document that the Members receive from external website or the transaction between the Member and the concerned internet website.
  • 2. When moving to the linked or connected page, we advise you to refer to the Privacy Policies of the visiting website since those have nothing to do with the Privacy Policy of NHN Ticketlink.

13. Handling of Complaints on Personal Information

NHN Ticketlink appoints the team and person responsible for protecting the users’ personal information and handling personal information matters and takes care of users’ complaints as follows:

  • - Chief privacy officer : Ji-hye Choi
  • - Affiliating team: Service Operation Team
  • - Phone : 1588-4567
  • - Email : membership@ticketlink.co.kr

You may file all privacy-related complaints, which arise while using the services of NHN Ticketlink, to the chief privacy officer or related department. NHN Ticketlink will provide you with an immediate and sufficient response to your inquiry.

Contact the organizations below to file reports or seek consultation for other privacy infringements:

  • 1. Privacy Infringement Report Center (privacy.kisa.or.kr/ 118)
  • 2. Cyber Crime Investigation Unit, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office (http://www.spo.go.kr/ 1301)
  • 3. Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency (cyberbureau.police.go.kr / 182)

14. NHN Ticketlink Customer Service Center

  • Business Hours : 10:00~19:00
  • Phone No. : 1588-4567
  • (Registered) Mail Address: Personal Information Manager, NHN Ticketlink, NHN Play Museum, 16, Daewangpangyo-ro 645beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

You may contact the Privacy Infringement Report Center, should you require consultation on personal information.

(Effective Date) This Privacy Policy has been amended on 10, 06, 2019 and shall become effective therefrom.

The previous Privacy Policy which was effective from 01, 04, 2019 shall be replaced with this Private Policy.